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For a second there, I thought I saw a bunch of bots at Barcamp, but then I realized I was mistaken. But, I must say there were some people that looked really similar to:

@39octane, @annoyabrah, @bemnarvin, @brahdesigns, @cristaldempsey, @Itsnotem, @JaredWwwOs, @JedFelder, @onanything, @s1paulds, @smallfleet, and @twinkhanson.

Torgny claims to have spotted the only real bot to show up at Barcamp: http://twitpic.com/lxo6i #NSFW #SHD

BarCampCLT roundup

Collected lots of pics and follow-up posts from this past weekend’s BarCamp in Charlotte. I’ll post a cleaned up version on cultivate creativity this weekend. If you know of more, post up in the comments. Also, let me know if you’d like to be credited differently than what I’ve done here…


A bunch of photos are up on Flickr. Here’s a quick link to everything tagged “BarCampCLT”
More specifically, here are contributions from Andy Ciordia, Wayne Sutton, David Zimm, Lisa Hoffmann, Brian Cary, Matt Tyndall, Gregor Smith, Brian and Cara, Neil Cowley, and James Willamore. Taking the road less Flickred are pics from Carolina Nightlife and Alphatracks. We’ve got pre-party photos from Matt Tyndall and James Willamore, and James also has a cool set of the CLT Blog crew.


CLT Blog streamed video live from the event, and has a couple segments still looping.
Justin Ruckman talks about Charlotte’s first Barcamp by Wayne Sutton
BarCampCLT – Videos (OLPC and The Future of Journalism sessions) by LifeTech101
Meeting of the Minds in Charlotte! New Wave by StormanNorman

Blog posts

Reflections on BarCampCLT (1-24-09) by Mr R.
BarCampCLT: Signs of Creative Life in the Queen City? by Steve Knight
A Remote Organizer by Phillip Dodds
BarCampCLT Meets Filmblazer by Jamie of Filmblazer
How to Make Money Online by Corey Creed
Shooting BarCamp Charlotte with a M42 lens on the A350 by Alphatracks