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Charlotte UX June meeting recap

ioThe Charlotte UX group met yesterday at Modis, Uptown. Good turnout, pizza, and conversation. I dropped some Pecha Kucha knowledge, and hopefully generated some interest for PK Night vol 4 in August. Greg Corrin talked about Google Wave and let us play with the Android phone from the Google I/O developer conference.

Twitterers in attendance: I met @wwwmarty IRL for the 1st time, saw my coworker @shelkster, saw @inkblurt, @gcorrin, and watched @jorah knitting some funky wool socks.

In other Charlotte UX news, we’ve officially abandoned Evite for event administration and, for now, that is handled at We’re also trying out a Ning site, so if you want to check that out, post something in the comments (it’s invite-only for now).

BarCampCLT roundup

Collected lots of pics and follow-up posts from this past weekend’s BarCamp in Charlotte. I’ll post a cleaned up version on cultivate creativity this weekend. If you know of more, post up in the comments. Also, let me know if you’d like to be credited differently than what I’ve done here…


A bunch of photos are up on Flickr. Here’s a quick link to everything tagged “BarCampCLT”
More specifically, here are contributions from Andy Ciordia, Wayne Sutton, David Zimm, Lisa Hoffmann, Brian Cary, Matt Tyndall, Gregor Smith, Brian and Cara, Neil Cowley, and James Willamore. Taking the road less Flickred are pics from Carolina Nightlife and Alphatracks. We’ve got pre-party photos from Matt Tyndall and James Willamore, and James also has a cool set of the CLT Blog crew.


CLT Blog streamed video live from the event, and has a couple segments still looping.
Justin Ruckman talks about Charlotte’s first Barcamp by Wayne Sutton
BarCampCLT – Videos (OLPC and The Future of Journalism sessions) by LifeTech101
Meeting of the Minds in Charlotte! New Wave by StormanNorman

Blog posts

Reflections on BarCampCLT (1-24-09) by Mr R.
BarCampCLT: Signs of Creative Life in the Queen City? by Steve Knight
A Remote Organizer by Phillip Dodds
BarCampCLT Meets Filmblazer by Jamie of Filmblazer
How to Make Money Online by Corey Creed
Shooting BarCamp Charlotte with a M42 lens on the A350 by Alphatracks

Reminder: Pecha Kucha Charlotte tonight!

7:30 pm at Alive in NoDa (2909 N Davidson St. Charlotte 28205 – in the Highland Mills complex)
Cover: $5 at the door

This should be a lot of fun. The first one was great. I may only be able to stop by for a little bit of it this time. :(

Join us to see 15 great presentations from a very diverse group of people, on a very broad range of topics including Kinetic art, Japanese cinema, the Presidential election, Jazz maestros, Concepts of beauty, Peace-Jackets, Visions for our city’s center, and many more.

The presenters are:
Amy Cheng
Allan Bacon
Carrie Gault
Darryl G. Hall
DeAngelo Dia Bethune
Ellen Penninger
Faron Franks
Gary O’Brien
Jeff Cravotta
Kevin Clark
Kit Kube
Ralph Helmick
Regine Bloch
Ross Telford Wilbanks
Shannon Binns

(the presenters are listed in alphabetical order – this won’t the actual sequence of presentations)

Don’t miss it!

Charlotte WordCamp = The Ultimate Tweetup

Had a great time at WordCamp today. The crowd was a great mix of individuals with a highly varied level of experience with blogging. Twitter was a popular topic, and by a show of hands, it looked like about 80% of the ~100 people in attendance were Twitter users.

Personally, I saw a lot of familiar faces, connected new faces to familiar names, and connected with some folks for the first time. Here’s the run-down, in no particular order, as best as I could manage:

Twitterers I’ve met IRL before, and saw today:

Twitterers I follow and met today for the first time:

Also following, but didn’t get a chance to speak to:

People I met, and follow as of today:

And, finally, some folks I now follow, but didn’t get a chance to speak to:

Wow. That’s a boatload of Twitterers. And that must only be about half the people who’s hands I saw raised. If I forgot to add you, or just never caught your twitter name, please let me know in the comments.

PS – maybe I should mention that I am @budesigns. :0) Also, the event has a Twitter presence at @cltwordcamp.

What are your favorite sources for things to do in Charlotte?

Looking to compile local event info sources. Here’s my list so far. Please suggest more in the comments.

Suggestions from Twitter


Well, the votes are in…

detail of the Big Idea mural

(in the Create the Campaign: Shape the Creative Economy competition) and the team of 5 seniors from the University of the Arts took the win, and the giant check. (I have not yet conceded, and may demand a recount. Conveniently for them, there is no paper trail with which to audit these electronic voting devices. I smell a fix!)
Anyway, I think my presentation most effectively answered the requirements laid out in the call for entries, was well received by the audience, and just kicked ass in general. :-) I won 1 out of the 3 criteria, and took 2nd in the others. It was a great experience overall — I made a few new contacts, talked to a few interesting people, and free food & beer is always a plus…
Everyone’s presentation (and presentation style) was very different. It was pretty interesting.
Anyway, thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and help along the way!

Update 10/8/2008: A few years have passed, and the link above doesn’t work, but you can still visit Innovation Philadelphia online.
I’ve also uploaded my presentation (minus some animated transitions) via Slideshare.