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Something, anything

The longer it’s been since you posted something, the harder it is to post something, I find…
Therefore, I’m just gonna throw something out there. Something so useless, I’ll be motivated to post something new asap, just to replace it… :-) So, here ya go.


My Google Reader Shared Items page is like my very own blog (if I did nothing but post excepts of and links to stories from around the web… which is kinda all I’ve been doing lately, anyway). But, it’s easier. I just browse through the feeds from my favorite sites and click “share” on the ones I choose. I just wish I could customize the visual design of the page. Maybe someday soon.

A couple thoughts: Like the Facebook feed, this one hotlinks the images from their original hosts — is this no longer considered bandwidth leeching? At least Fast Company usually manages to get their advertisers some visibility in the posts…