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Lake Ridge to Baxter trail connection

In an effort to make this happen, I went eploring the area along the powerlines off of Solandara Way, as a possible connection to the Baxter trails. It looks deceptively easy in the satellite photos, but the vegetation is extreme and it’s pretty hilly. Still, it’s doable… possibly, maybe…

Here are some panoramic photos of the area (click to view larger) (for super-size, right click and open in new window):

Here, I’m standing in an empty lot on Solandara Way, which is seen continuing on the right. Baxter village is down the powerlines to the left.

This is about a block further in. Rosemary Ln is behind me, to my right. Baxter village is down the powerlines to the left.

Fearing snakes and other unknown creepies, I didn’t venture further. I crossed under the powerlines, and here is the view from the opposite direction. Verbena Ct is behind me, Baxter village is down the powerlines to the right.

More Tega Cay Trails photos and stuff:

In support of more bike & hike trails in Tega Cay

[Also submitted for consideration on]
**Update: Tega Cay Underground seems to have gone offline… rut-roh.**

One of the things I like the most about living in Tega Cay is the network of paths and trails that wind through our beautiful landscape here. Many of them provide convenient and safe routes to and from our neighborhoods, parks and playing fields, and give us the opportunity to walk or bike to places that we might otherwise drive to. Even those that don’t enhance connectivity still offer a scenic environment for getting some fresh air and exercise. This is why I plan to volunteer my time to help build more trails in our community.
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Understatement of the year

Well, the year is still young, but this is surely a contender…

Quoted from an SRAM product recall on Rock Shox mountain bike forks:

The steel steerer on the forks can crack, causing the fork to detach from the bicycle frame. This can cause the rider to lose control and crash.

LOL. Ya think? If your fork detaches while riding, and you don’t crash, I’ll buy you a drink. (But, more likely, you’ll be wanting to see a dentist.)

Full details on the recall are linked here.

Jersey designs – initial ideas

dh jersey

I may have the opportunity to design the jerseys for a local mountain biking team. Here are the designs I pitched, initially. The logo was a real challenge to work with, as I wanted to come up with a bold, aggressive design for the jersey, while the design of the logo does not feature any strong lines, and is contained in a very static circular shape. As you can see, I’m suggesting a departure from using the logo as is…

Public gives feedback on trail system

By now, most of us have heard about the Carolina Thread Trail, the proposed network of 400 miles of trails knitting together 15 counties in North and South Carolina.

Gaston County, N.C., and York County won $50,000 grants for planning and design. Their work will be pilot programs for the overall trail plan.

On Wednesday, about 30 people met at Manchester Meadows for a public meeting about the trail. The primary goals of the meeting were to inform the public about the trails network and to get public input and ideas.

Get the whole story at the Charlotte Observer



Well, I’m most likely not going to be able to ride in the bike-a-thon this year. I’m VERY disappointed, as it was one of the highlights of last summer – such a fun ride, so many cool people to meet (and pass), and such a great cause. I raised $1000, which my company matched, so it was a great way to channel my love of riding into a positive contribution to society.

Anyway, my good friend Mike is riding again this year, and serving as captain again for Team Obermayer. I encourage you to make a donation via his fundraising webpage, or the general team page. Or, if you can, sign up and ride!

Subzero Singlesped

It’s been pretty cold the last few weeks, but this Sunday’s ride was our first that saw temperatures still below freezing when we hit the trail. It was also my first on my new 32-18 singlespeed setup. It was great. No dropped chains, the gear felt just right, powered up & down lots of trail, new & old. A lot of areas were rough & messy, adding frost to the already challenging mix of leaves, twigs and debris that Autumn gave us. But the jump run was nice & smooth, thanks to plenty of recent work, and the fact that it’s the most popular trail at the moment… :-) Looking forward to planning and creating some new trails over this winter, and greeting spring with plenty of new lines ready to roll!