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Beertopia 2014

Grapevine has just announced the 70 breweries that will be participating in this year’s Beertopia! Time to start devising our plan of attack for next Saturday! Last year, I went a little overboard and put together a web page listing every beer announced. I was mainly looking for an excuse to try out some CSS & responsive web tactics, so I justified it as “career development”. It was nice to have a study guide handy before and during the event. This year … ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!!

But here’s a quick listing of everything I’m interested in. (I may need to prioritize…)

I definitely want to hit several local (and local-ish) brewers. And there are a bunch of ’em:

Favorites from out west:

Never heard of these, but want to try:

Other fun friends:



An inspiring Web Afternoon

Sometimes I like to write thoughtful reviews of the industry events that I attend. Sometime’s that’s too much effort. Today is one of those times. So, here’s a series of 3-word summaries of each talk at today’s inspirational Web Afternoon Charlotte event.

Leslie Jensen Inman
Do good daily

Igor Jablokov
Something about entrepreneurship

Todd Moy
Magic for UX

Doc Waller
Well chosen words

Josh Oakhurst
Skookum Digital disruption

Gene Crawford
Honor – Compassion – Loyalty

Jenn Downs
Conquer fears. Rock.

Giovanni DiFeterici
Awesome concept-driven artwork

Nick Finck
Epic cross-channel future

Jessica Cherok
Facebook privacy? Not.

Carl Smith
Transparency – Flexibility – Accountability

Thanks to all the organizers, speakers, and attendees for coming out and making it a great afternoon!

Roll Out

As my bus driver used to say in middle school, when we arrived at our stop … “Roll Out!”

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Queens Of The Stone Age “Misfit Love” feat Ludacris — from The Arch Cupcake – Ugly Sweater Party (Mix)

Off-brand? I think not.


In her article for VentureBeat, Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling, Jolie O’Dell claims that Apple’s March 7th iPad announcement “revealed a certain sloppiness that was absent from former, Steve Jobs-led launches.” In addition to Tim Cook’s shirt, she aimed her criticism at Apple’s branding.

I think today’s Apple event shows that perfectionism fraying a bit around the edges. The bad pun, the goofy logo, the weird product name — all of it pointed to a leadership that either didn’t understand or didn’t care about consistency in iconography.

Perhaps “Resolutionary” is a bad pun. That’s arguable. Off-brand? Maybe. I don’t see a lot of puns on this list of Apple Inc. slogans. But it is simple and relevant. As for the product name, I think “The New iPad” is completely in line with their drive for simplicity (and lack of reliance on specs and numbering) in product positioning. And the colorful logo is all about the new, higher-resolution and higher-saturation iPad display. Most of all, it harkens back to — and represents complete evolutionary consistency with — the colorful introduction of the original iPad. If I hadn’t already rambled on so long, I might say “let the images speak for themselves”.

Update: Automattic’s Matt Thomas provided a great example of Apple using a silly pun in marketing a product as recent as the MacBook Air, in his post Something’s Unraveling, Alright.

Lake Ridge to Baxter trail connection

In an effort to make this happen, I went eploring the area along the powerlines off of Solandara Way, as a possible connection to the Baxter trails. It looks deceptively easy in the satellite photos, but the vegetation is extreme and it’s pretty hilly. Still, it’s doable… possibly, maybe…

Here are some panoramic photos of the area (click to view larger) (for super-size, right click and open in new window):

Here, I’m standing in an empty lot on Solandara Way, which is seen continuing on the right. Baxter village is down the powerlines to the left.

This is about a block further in. Rosemary Ln is behind me, to my right. Baxter village is down the powerlines to the left.

Fearing snakes and other unknown creepies, I didn’t venture further. I crossed under the powerlines, and here is the view from the opposite direction. Verbena Ct is behind me, Baxter village is down the powerlines to the right.

More Tega Cay Trails photos and stuff: