Off-brand? I think not.


In her article for VentureBeat, Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling, Jolie O’Dell claims that Apple’s March 7th iPad announcement “revealed a certain sloppiness that was absent from former, Steve Jobs-led launches.” In addition to Tim Cook’s shirt, she aimed her criticism at Apple’s branding.

I think today’s Apple event shows that perfectionism fraying a bit around the edges. The bad pun, the goofy logo, the weird product name — all of it pointed to a leadership that either didn’t understand or didn’t care about consistency in iconography.

Perhaps “Resolutionary” is a bad pun. That’s arguable. Off-brand? Maybe. I don’t see a lot of puns on this list of Apple Inc. slogans. But it is simple and relevant. As for the product name, I think “The New iPad” is completely in line with their drive for simplicity (and lack of reliance on specs and numbering) in product positioning. And the colorful logo is all about the new, higher-resolution and higher-saturation iPad display. Most of all, it harkens back to — and represents complete evolutionary consistency with — the colorful introduction of the original iPad. If I hadn’t already rambled on so long, I might say “let the images speak for themselves”.

Update: Automattic’s Matt Thomas provided a great example of Apple using a silly pun in marketing a product as recent as the MacBook Air, in his post Something’s Unraveling, Alright.

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