Dear kid’s school:

We just spent $200 (a month before the holidays, in the worst economy I’ve seen in my lifetime) to send my daughter on this mandatory 3-day field trip, close to $100 more to outfit her with all the required items on the list, and another $200 so my wife can chaperone, because there’s no way in hell we’re sending our 9-year-old on an overnight trip without us. To top it all off, the destination is some sort of Christian retreat/ministry. Can I get a “W.T.F.”?! (This is public school, by the way.)

Supposedly, the curriculum will focus on environmental and ecological issues. Let’s hope they stick to that and don’t get too Jesusy on us. I’ve encouraged my (Jewish) wife to be skeptical and speak up, especially if anyone needs to be reminded about evolution, or separation of church and state…

Expectations are high. Do not screw this up.

Update: I got a text message at 9:47 am that the bus finally arrived to pick them up at the school. They were scheduled to depart at 7:00. Not off to a good start…

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