Charlotte WordCamp = The Ultimate Tweetup

Had a great time at WordCamp today. The crowd was a great mix of individuals with a highly varied level of experience with blogging. Twitter was a popular topic, and by a show of hands, it looked like about 80% of the ~100 people in attendance were Twitter users.

Personally, I saw a lot of familiar faces, connected new faces to familiar names, and connected with some folks for the first time. Here’s the run-down, in no particular order, as best as I could manage:

Twitterers I’ve met IRL before, and saw today:

Twitterers I follow and met today for the first time:

Also following, but didn’t get a chance to speak to:

People I met, and follow as of today:

And, finally, some folks I now follow, but didn’t get a chance to speak to:

Wow. That’s a boatload of Twitterers. And that must only be about half the people who’s hands I saw raised. If I forgot to add you, or just never caught your twitter name, please let me know in the comments.

PS – maybe I should mention that I am @budesigns. :0) Also, the event has a Twitter presence at @cltwordcamp.

4 thoughts on “Charlotte WordCamp = The Ultimate Tweetup”

  1. @barnettwebsites was there and you already follow me. I don’t believe we had the priviledge of meeting, but your lightbulb icon with the mustache is very unique! What’s the inspiration behid that?

  2. Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve added you to the list. The “bulbstache” has been an evolution… I was simply using a lightbulb for awhile, then added a mustache to represent Team Mustache in Color Wars 2008. And… it just kinda stuck. The lightbulb represents ideas and the fake ‘stache represents mischief – pretty much sums up my Twitter activity.

  3. Hi, Ben. We may have talked briefly at Saturday’s WordCamp at the Observer. How’d you like the event? I thought it was a great way to meet and network with fellow bloggers. Check out my slightly skewed take on the day at if you like. — Davis

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