Amen, Tobin

Saw Amon Tobin in NYC last Saturday. He blew up the Gramercy Theater with his surround sound DJ set. It was super insane. Ninjatune labelmate P Love started things off with an informal set that he talked and joked through, spinning records and playing the styophone. When Amon took the stage, all eyes were on him, and he delivered the dark, twisting, chattering and pounding rhythms that we all were there for. Bass so loud that wind blasted through the room.

The show was insane. Try to imagine this (recorded in Vienna, May 4th), in the loudest way possible.

He spins no records, but has an arsenal of sounds loaded up in his Newmark digital decks, and spins his own material interwoven with hard driving drum & bass, dancehall, and hip hop. More devious than your average bear, he doesn’t merely mix one song to the next; elements are constantly mixed in and out – parts of 3 or 4 songs can be present at any given moment. Out of the chaos emerges a solitary performance, a lyric or chord floating up triumphantly as the bass is phased down to a muted rumble, only to erupt again and engulf everything in a thunderous storm.


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